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Meneruskan dari hugetuget Bagi yang suka edit video maupun yang memang kerjanya editing video, dan anda masih bingung mau rendering video dengan software yang mendukung berbagai format, mungkin Software Canopus Procoder (Full Version) menjadi solusinya. Sebuah Software Convert dengan Kualitas Tinggi Yang Ditawarkan Oleh Perusahan Canopus. Kebanyakan Produksi Home Menggunakan Canopus Procoder Sebagai Alat Convert Video CD.Selain Kualitas Yang dihasilkan lumayan Bagus. Canopus Procoder ini juga banyak mendukung sebagai plugin Video Editor. Terutama Adobe Premiere yang sudah banyak digunakan oleh pecinta editor video. Software ini juga mampu mengconvert video..

Keunggulan Program ini yaitu salah satunya bisa support Adobe Premiere pro 1.5.
untuk menginstal program ini, disarankan instal dahulu Adobe Premiere pro 1.5.
kemudian baru instal program Canopus ProCoder 3.6 0.24320


Key Features

* Professional high-speed, high-quality encoding and conversion of video to all popular formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Windows Media, QuickTime, and more
* Microsoft Windows XP and Vista compatible
* Grid encoding for MPEG-2 (transport stream, program stream)
* Support for multiple CPUs within one PC (including quad-core)
* Watch folder function for automated encoding
* Job queuing manager with priority functions
* Stitching of multiple source files to create a single file
* Multiple color-space support including YUV and RGB
* Aspect-ratio and NTSC/PAL conversion, frame-rate interpolation, and automatic adaptive deinterlacing
* 3:2 pulldown and inverse telecine
* Multi-pass VBR processing
* Full HD support for MPEG and Windows Media
* VOB file and DVD-video image creation with chapter points
* Save droplets for quick, drag-and-drop conversion
* Separate audio import/export options including multiplexing and audio mapping
* Export plug-in for Grass Valley EDIUS® nonlinear editing software
* Includes presets for Blu-ray authoring software

Source Formats

* Grass Valley DV
* Grass Valley HQ
* Microsoft DV
* H.264
* Dolby Digital
* Video for Windows codecs
* DirectShow codecs
* QuickTime codecs
* MPEG-1, MPEG-2
* Macromedia Flash (video only)
* Windows Media
* DivX
* MP3 and PCM .wav files
* AVISynth script files
* Still images including .bmp, .tga, .tif, .png, and .jpg
* Watch folder function for automated encoding

Target Formats

* Grass Valley DV
* Grass Valley HQ
* Microsoft DV
* H.264
* Dolby Digital
* iPod (MPEG-4)
* Most Video for Windows codecs
* Most DirectShow codecs
* Most QuickTime codecs
* MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (using Canopus codec)
* VOB (DVD-video image)
* ACM codecs
* Macromedia Flash video
* Windows Media
* RealVideo
* MP3 and PCM .wav files

Video Filters

* 601 to 709 color correction (ITU-R BT 601 SD to ITU-R BT 709-5 HD)
* 709 to 601 color correction (ITU-R BT 709-5 HD to ITU-R BT 601 SD)
* 601 correction—expand color space
* 601 correction—shrink color space
* Adaptive de-interlace
* Bitmap keying
* Black/white correction Blur
* Circular blur
* Color correction
* Color safe
* Crop
* Fade in/out
* Gamma correction
* Gaussian blur Median
* Pulldown
* Rotate
* Sharpen
* Temporal noise reducer

Audio Filters

* Lowpass
* Normalize
* Volume

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